Our desktop publishing capabilities allow us to provide you with an original hardcopy (developing paper or film) after proper layout of all the segments such as text, logos, and photographs, etc.

01 Mono DTP

Segments: text, simple figures, logos, basic photographs, etc. Color: single (black or per your choice)
Corrections: up to 3 times with laser printer
Original copy: available after final correction.

02 Color DTP

If you are not applicable, please call us as below and then we will let you know the quotation.
The numbers of figures, logos, illustrations and photographs per page.
The numbers and types of colors.
The types of original copies (developing paper or film) for printing.

03 Macintosh DTP

Multilingual DTP available.
Delivery after the entire subsidiary processes such as cutting, binding and punching.
600 DPI laser printout.
1200 DPI printout with developing paper
Film for plate making color printing for drafts.

04 DTP for Soft Copy.

Page Maker

05 Coreldraw & Other