KoLangs Co., Ltd. provides website design and consulting services to help you tailor your website to the Korean market.

The Global User Experience Design Team at KoLangs Co., Ltd. ensures that the Korean version of your website will help Korean visitors easily find and access the information they want, efficiently perform the transactions they need, and readily connect with your brand in a manner that best suits Korean sensibilities.

Our team-based approach integrates a wide range of activities, including experiential branding, interactive design, aesthetics, user interface and graphics layout, and content development. Many of our specialists have Masters or Doctoral degrees, and all have years of successful industry experience.

Think of Web content as the fuel that drives every site. KoLangs Co., Ltd. helps companies solve their need to acquire, edit and deliver online content by integrating and deploying our unique global content management methodology — one that integrates strategy, user experiences, and technology. By adding global content management to the foundation of an e-business infrastructure, KoLangs Co., Ltd. allows clients to achieve greater efficiencies, reduce operating costs, drastically improve time to Web, protect global branding, and enforce content accuracy and security.

Kolangs’ global knowledge management consultants work with you to identify and take inventory of your company’s intellectual capital. We help you redistribute those valuable resources to employees and bring them to market through document processing and workflows, application development, data storage solutions, and communication workshops.