With the localization of Microsoft’s programming language ‘Visual Basic’ and the related groupware,’Lotus Notes’,

KoLangs Co., Ltd. has become the first translation service provider in Korea that has localized a programming language. Besides these two accomplishments, we have been involved in numerous similar localization projects.
Software localization, often known as ‘Program Localization’, is different from ‘generic’ translation in that the program localization also requires the translation of ancillary files such as online help text files, resources files, and menus, in addition to manuals and legal documentation.

– The recent trend of localization is that most businesses are now keen to use HTML or Notes documents instead of existing online help. And tools for manual DTP such as Macintosh or MS Word are being replaced with FrameMaker.

– For this reason, since we must familiarize ourselves with the rapidly changing trends, the resources and technologies we use are significantly important.

– To that end, KoLangs Co., Ltd. has secured a large pool of highly-qualified freelance translators and coordinates with them very efficiently. Before commencing a project, we always do our best to outlay related guidelines, assign the proper work volume to the translators involved, and then closely coordinate with the client and supervise all work in-process to assure the highest quality possible.

– As one of the most important steps in S/W localization, glossaries are formed in cooperation with the client, and then passed on to the assigned translators.