Over the past decade, we’ve recruited and cultivated a very large and impressive pool of highly qualified translators, which we have carefully organized into language and subject specialists. All our translators have extensive experience and training within their specialties and possess Korean language writing skills that are above the average. Many have advanced degrees or held management positions. Some are university professors. All of them have lived overseas, experiencing first-hand the target language and possessing keen insights into the linguistic and cultural nuances that must be carefully accounted for in the translation process. So, whatever your requirements may be, we are certain that we have a pool of skilled translators that can tackle the job.

Greatly facilitating a smooth completion of your project is our team of friendly project managers who work hard to cultivate a smooth working relationship between you, the client, and our teams of translators. They are careful to match translators with projects that best suit their qualifications, and then they are especially careful to coordinate the workflow, making sure that all questions and issues arising from your project are handled professionally and in a timely manner.

At the end of each project, the translators involved are evaluated according to our own internal standards, which we have developed over the past decade.

Supporting our entire system is our fully developed and secured computer network (Korean Translation Intranet) that supports the entire Microsoft Office and Adobe suites of application software as well as a host of other software suites tailored to the special needs and requirements of other languages such as Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. Also essential to our operation is our secured database, which is easily accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. This greatly enables us to meet the diverse needs of our clients with real-time service.

So, why not contact us and see what we can do for you.