Translating in a global environment benefits you in many ways including better consistency between different language versions of your product, superior technical quality, and overall cost savings. Here’s how we do it.

01 SC (Sales Contract)

Consulting, quotation, planning and scheduling in process will be submitted before taking orders from clients.

02 PTA (Project Team Assignment)

When we start planning your project, we define a process to be followed by all the language groups you want to reach. Among our initiatives are linguistic style guidelines, engineering guideline parameters, and quality assurance standards to ensure consistency across all languages in tone, functionality, and operation. Centralized coordination of the project enables us to make changes or corrections to all languages quickly and easily.

03 KOM (Kick Off Meeting)

Scheduling & Planning Breakdown to be done & Check with scheduling project guidelines & training.

04 GG (Glossary Generation)

We collect the technical glossaries such as UI (User Interface) included in resource files, submit them to clients and after feedback from clients finally make the primary resources (freelancers) apply them to their jobs. Occasionally, we need to approve the glossaries in process from clients. At this point, how much fast revised glossaries will be feedback to freelancers is very important.

05 TR (Translation)

TR (Translation)

06 EDT (Editing)

Linguistic Review: style, mistranslation, orthography and context etc.
Technical Review: professional and technical proofreading, feature test etc.
To optimize the quality that clients want, we keep inspecting the final results.

07 DTP (Desk Top Publishing)

In case of documentation, we can complete the entire layouts online before printing out.

08 QA (Quality Assurance)

Based on how to evaluate and how many times, getting along with clients through continuous reporting and feedback would maintain top-quality, thus by attaining the good reputation from clients.

09 DEL (Delivery)

We can deliver the final products in any types (CD, Printout or upload via FTP online) you want.