Service Request Procedure

Offline request
• Phone: You can call us to request a service. +82-2-565- 2700
• Fax: If the document you want to translate is a printed document, you can fax to request a service. +82-505-850- 1114 or +82-2-565- 0062
• E-mail: Please attach the file to be translated. Then, write a client name, contact person, and contact information before e-mailing (
• Quick service: Door-to-door delivery service. (6th floor, Seongbo II building, 432-6, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)
• Visit: Make sure that your name and contact information is correct when you request the translation service.
A sales representative of Kolangs will contact you and provide you with details.
If you want the staff in Kolangs to be sent to your location for security reasons, we will be glad to do so.

Online request
You can request quotation by visiting Kolangs website.
Click “REQUEST A QUOTE” on the website and you can find the [REQUEST] screen. In this screen, you can enter the simple client information and upload the file to be quoted.
When all things are done, click the “OK” button. Then, the process would be same as that of offline request.


*The sales representative will prepare the quotation for the project requested via online or offline.
The sales representative will prepare the quotation on the basis of the data provided by the client and send it by e-mail directly to the client or print it to send via fax.

2. Translator allocation and project assignment
When a translation order is created, we allocate the right freelancing translators in consideration of content and quantity of the given file.

3. Receipt and review of translation files
We receive the translated file from freelancing translators and review them.

4. Delivery
We deliver the completed file to the client via e-mail, web, or other media requested by the client.

5. Closing
We will give a Happy Call to the client and check if the delivered output was satisfactory.

6. A/S : After project closing
If you log into Kolangs website, you can use the members’ page to check the details of the project.
You can also check your payment details.