KoLangs welcomes visits from all of our customers.

We wish everyone who visits our company good health and happiness at all times. Thank you.

#609, 30, Sangwon 12-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul Forest Dong-jin IT Tower, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04790)
PHONE +82-2-565- 2700
FAX +82-505-850- 1114
E-MAIL k@translation.co.kr


At Exit 2 of Ttukseom Station (Station Line 2), walk 100m on the side street of Seoul Forest L Tower, and when you see Seoul Forest Church, walk 370m on the right side. Then you will see River House in front, and then Dong-jin IT Tower (blue glass building) on the right.

#609, Dong-jin IT Tower, Kolangs Co., Ltd.


Exit 2 of Ttukseom Station [04-237(To Seongdong-gu fitness center)]

Blue bus: N62 (bus stop number: 04-237)
Green bus: 2016, 2224, 2413 (bus stop number: 04-237)

If you are driving your own car

You may park your vehicles in the underground parking lots.